Location: VandA Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Today marks the true end of our fabulous semester together. This is never the easiest or nicest of days; it’s normally full of tears, hugs, and countless goodbyes. It started out with our least formal wake-up of the trip so far; we didn’t have one. Most people went and grabbed a final day coffee or breakfast from our nearest cafe, which, fortunately for us, is about 15 yards away. The first of us to leave was Kira, who had the unfortunate early morning flight, which meant departing Argo at 4 am. Most of the shipmates are making the most of Cape Town and South Africa by staying in the city for a few additional days meaning that they stayed chatting and hanging out on the chart house roof one final time until noon today.

We can not express enough gratitude to everyone involved in this adventure, and to Argo, for carrying us all 7222nm, across an ocean, through 4 countries and three continents, and finally bringing us around the Cape of Good Hope and into our second ocean (Atlantic). We wish everyone leaving us today the best and hope you carry on adventuring. As a crew, you pulled together during the harder times, and the attitude of every single person on the boat is what has resulted in such a successful journey.

From Ian, Tina, Tim, Smash, Cooper, Alex, and Mimi ~
Thank you