Location: Cape Town

Hello friends, family, and enthusiastic blog readers alike!
It’s a truly exciting day here on Vela as it’s our final full day in Cape Town before we embark upon a voyage across an entire ocean. It’s pretty daunting to think about the vast journey we’re beginning tomorrow morning, but I know our most wonderful group of people will make the voyage well worth it.
Barely containing my excitement for the events of tomorrow, I awoke the entire cabin with a Yung Gravy dance party promptly at seven in the morning. Some were enthused, others less so either way, the group was wildly awake at our wonderful breakfast cooked by our talented head chef, Emma.
When anticipating a passage as lengthy as this one, one must prepare the vessel on which they will be living. Plenty of ship prep was done throughout the morning, and it was all hands on deck when our cornucopia of provisions arrived at the dock!
The afternoon brought more preparatory adventures after another incredible meal by Emma, bringing the heat with some unforgettable chicken sandwiches.
The crew then headed over to the Office of Immigration to collect another stamp in our passports before departure, and the day took quite the unfortunate turn
We learned the importance of descending the ladder in proper fashion, as I am currently writing this from the doctor’s office after our beloved head chef took a terrible tumble.
Our motley waiting room crew of skipper, head chef, and Jake grabbed a quick dinner out due to poor Emma being out of commission. Luckily, medical services are plentiful, and our dear chef will be back on her feet (foot?) in no time. The verdict? Still TBD, but will update everyone stat.
The squeeze question, sent virtually, regarded zombie apocalypses and initial reactions. I hear it landed well, with many entertaining responses.
It was another incredibly eventful day on Vela, bringing much anticipation, excitement, and the occasional hypothetically broken toe.
To wrap up my first-ever post as skipper, I am sending all the love home to Mum, Noah, and all the special people reading. Catch you in St. Helena!