Location: East London, South Africa

Today was an absolutely amazing day. Aside from the gorgeous weather outside, many of us went to the East London Museum. There they had many different exhibits on the history of Africa, famous shipwrecks around Africa, as well as some marine life you might be able to find in these waters. We even saw a preserved coelacanth, which is an elusive lobe-finned fish that was long timed and thought to be extinct until a famous scientist, Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, found one in 1938. Since then, there have been several expeditions that have successfully found more live specimens. For those of us who didn’t go to the museum, it was an academic day with some studying and paper writing. The PSCT (Professional Skipper and Crew Training) students continued preparing their passage plans from Richards Bay to Durban. Upon everyone’s return from the museum, the crew began our passage preparation to get the boat in order to set sail early tomorrow morning for Cape Town. This is bittersweet because we are ready to set out for a new destination. However, it is the last passage of our journey.