Location: East London, South Africa

Holy cow! How did it get to be day 80 already?!?! The days have just been flying by!

Today started off with a true breakfast feast of fried eggs, toast, sausage, baked beans, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and a fruit salad! Thank you, Siva, Sam, and Caroline :)! After that, we had an oceanography review for an hour, followed by free time for studying and shore time. This was one of the more quiet days on Argo we’ve had, as everyone was either hard at work in the saloon or in their cabins or using the internet on shore. Personally, I split my time getting work done on the oceanography research project/paper/presentation, which will be happening presently (right after I finish writing this blog, as a matter of fact!) and getting some emails sent at The Velvet Jazz Lounge, which has the best internet in town (and the best name, clearly). Lunch was a bowl of curry-fried rice (yummy) with leftovers, then the PSCT students had their currents and tides exam and free time, while the rest of us had free time the whole afternoon (more internet and working for me, with a scrumptious milkshake for good measure). Oh! Almost forgot provisioning, which at the beginning of this trip seemed like the most formidable thing in the world, but now we got everything squared away in 30 minutes flat! And only about a third of us do it too! Dinner was a beef stir fry with some Cajun chicken and more leftovers, with said presentations soon to follow. Wish us luck!