Location: Underway to SVG

After an exciting 12-4 watch, filled with sing-a-longs, star gazing, and (of course) a Taylor Swift dance party, we started our last day of the Atlantic passage. Expecting to arrive tomorrow morning, today was filled with reminiscing on the past 2 weeks aboard Argo. Seeing nothing but blue horizons and flying fish has become our normal, so the thought of being back by land and getting to swim in the Caribbean waters is so exciting.

Today, we finished up the PADI open-water diving videos in preparation for our arrival in the Caribbean and all the diving that comes along with that. After being so close to the water without being able to go swimming, thinking about diving and being in the water again is something we’re stoked for. After class, we had the daily deck showers followed by study time to catch up on the school work, or Pirates of the Caribbean, before dinner.

Our super tasty meals today were made by Tim and his Sous Andrew and JP. During dinner, we got to see another great sunset, which has become my favorite part of the day, accompanied by a short-lived squall. Just long enough to wake us up before clean-up. We are currently crossing Rhianna’s house in Barbados, where we can barely make out the lights through the binoculars as we quickly make our way to Saint Vincent. Excited to see the land and be back to reality soon.

2-6 watch with watch team 3. Mella and Jake in tonight’s dishie pit (Jake also wants Mrs. Valpey to know he misses her and can’t wait to talk to her soon), and Wyatt and Liam waiting in line for dinner, taking in the rear view… each other.

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