Location: Underway to SVG

Long ago, it was fated that one person would be the skipper for all two of the staff birthdays this semester. That person, whether by sheer luck and circumstance or intensely careful planning, was me. The secret project – code-named Long Snoot – was meticulously planned and carefully executed at midnight of last night. In said mission, the crew of Argo carefully snuck into the cockpit to surprise Amanda and sing a grand Happy Birthday when she came up on watch. I am proud to report that the mission was a massive success, as Amanda was pleasantly surprised by everyone on the boat singing to her. Later on in the day, the students of Argo got an intro into the world of SCUBA with our first lessons and videos in our pursuit of gaining PADI certifications. After that, the students were delighted by the return of deck showers after a brief hiatus due to the recent sea state. In the wake of the deck showers right before dinner, a certain fun-loving watch team was dared to do their best potato imitations on a deck that was anything but dry, providing us with some very funny pictures. The ensuing meal was absolutely magnificent and prompted a birthday cake that was almost as appealing to the eyes as it was to the tastebuds. One more pitch-perfect round of happy birthday completed the day on a very high note. The spirits of the crew are skyrocketing as we approach 200 miles to go until St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but for more on that, you’ll have to wait to hear from our skipper tomorrow. That’s all for today, folks.
DJ Rolling Wave M.D.

Students enjoying their introduction to Scuba Diving
Watch Team One potato-ing before their dinner watch
The delicious and beautiful masterpiece of a birthday cake by Mo
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