Location: St. John, USVI

After we had breakfast during a squall, we once again readied Argo for some more diving. We left the bay around lunchtime and prepped our gear for the last dives of the trip. We arrived at the site and lowered Megatron into the choppy waters. We then did our first dive, which was filled with fun, a turtle, and some swim-throughs. We surfaced and immediately found ourselves in a big gnarly squall. We then prepared for our second dive in a location never before seen by the crew and the staff. It ended up being quite the eventful dive filled with trenches, coral reefs, a shark, two turtles, a lionfish, and a very big Grouper. After that, we made our way back to St. John for the evening. As you can see, today was a very eventful day. Until next time, this is Josh R. signing off.