Location: St. John, USVI

I feel like we really got a peek into the crew’s inner weird today. If you haven’t come across this concept before, I shall explain: it is a point at which people spontaneously feel comfortable (or at least regard it as socially acceptable) to take your cheesecake out of your mouth to better facilitate laughing at the realization that the person next to you looks like a garden gnome whilst wearing their hood, whilst simultaneously wearing your own like a pharaonic headdress, then resuming working on your cheesecake when able. If this loses something in interpretation, then that’s understandable – maybe you had to be there – but that’s what makes the vibe on Argo pretty special.
As per, the day started with wake-ups. I really like getting to do wake-ups. Everyone has a preferred method, and mine is talking a lot at everyone regardless of whether or not they’re awake yet. Eventually, they get sucked into my web of words. After this, the aim of the day was to get Argo ready to head for Annapolis tomorrow. So whilst we were taking covers off and lashing diving equipment, we were also moving Argo over to St Thomas, where we took on a bunch of fuel and provisions. Following this, we came back around to St John and rounded the day off with a lifeworks forum. Though this trip is somewhat longer than a normal AQ session, and we have the chance to get to know everyone around us that much better, as a result, this is a really good opportunity to get introspective and also for the crew to get to know each of its constituents at a deeper level.