Location: On Passage

We started our day with a delicious breakfast. We proceeded to clean up, which we did in record-breaking time. After that, we finished our passage prep, attached the halyards to the sails, tied down the dinghies, and made our bunks 40/40. We made some final preparations and went on to raise the Anchor. Shortly after leaving our anchorage, we prepared to raise our sails. Now that we have lived on this boat for over four weeks, we are pretty good at it, so it doesn’t take that long, and Students can take command of the sail raise. With five out of six sails up, we started our journey up to Annapolis. After all the effort raising the sails, the twice-baked potatoes for lunch were a must. After lunch, we broke into our all-new watch teams, Time flew by, and it was already dinner time. The Chicken Parm was so good that some people went for thirds! After dinner cleanup, we went back to our watch teams which meant the end of our group day.