Location: 12°52.71'N 061°31.51'W

Another day another four-hour shift. The crew got into the swing of passage life today. Who knew one could start getting used to such a strange sleeping schedule? We only have each other to thank, though, keeping up the positive spirits, hard work, and helping those having a rougher time of it. We are truly becoming a working team and beginning to see what the boat needs and when she needs it. Such as becoming more adept at the helm, seeing when to ease out the sails or bring them in depending on the ever-changing wind, and getting to know the names and placement of the boat lines.

Lucky for us, it has been a beautiful day at sea, almost always passing by a new island as we make our way to Grenada. Maybe more memorable, though, is the night watches in which conversations go to and from some pretty hilarious topics as we try to fend off our exhaustion. From crazy dreams, ghost stories, riddles, our favorite biomes, to the longest joke I think I’ve ever heard performed by Mari, we have been through some hardships. Rumor has it that a humpback whale was seen just as the sun was setting. However, I didn’t see it, so believe what you will.