Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

The long voyage comes to a conclusion! After several days at sea, Ocean Star finally made it to Grenada, at the ripe time of 1:30 AM this morning. Apparently, it’s possible to arrive at a destination too early, as the entrance to the harbor we are currently anchored in is littered with hazardous reefs. The crew had to keep the vessel still, a little way outside the harbor for a few hours before there was enough light to safely enter and anchor. After anchoring, the crew was treated to a glorious late wake up at 9:30 AM, by yours truly. We proceeded to have a few hours of free time (during which most people either went back to sleep or simply laid in bed), and others caught up on some classwork. We were treated to a marvelous Greek pasta salad for lunch by head chef Tessa at noon, followed by a few hours of Boat Appreciation. After a long sail, everything and everyone was covered in salt, and the boat cleaning was followed by our first shower in several days, leaving everyone feeling clean and relaxed.

After the transformative experience that was the Ocean Star post-passage cleanse, the crew spent some more time relaxing in the salon, mostly writing their Marine Biology papers for Steve regarding how to deal with the invasive lionfish. The whole day was full of personal free time, and the crew certainly made the most of it. Naps were taken, schoolwork was completed, showers were had, the whole 9 yards. To quote Dan, “you know you needed a day to chill when you sit in the salon for 8 hours and afterward are like, that was pretty awesome!” To finish up the day, we had sloppy joes for dinner and finished off with a scheduling meeting, in which the crew talked about when to place certain classes for the next week.

Want to hear what happens next? Stay tuned!