Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

We started the day with breakfast, and for the lucky few who were in the dishey pit, they got to do clean-up in the rain. Then it was off to class. Marine biology was first, then oceanography (it was a lot of science for the first thing in the morning, but with Steve and Alex, it didn’t seem like enough). After that, the day changed pace as we got our first shore time and wifi since the passage down to Grenada. We all caught a bus into St. George and toured around. Kylie and I walked around and got some much-needed smoothies, Tessa got her new phone after the last one ended up in the water, and Matt and Jules expanded their tastes by having lunch at the local KFC.

After the adventuring around, we all tried and failed to get a bus back to Prickly Bay. The boys seemed like they had an okay time, but Miranda, Tessa, and Claire all got dropped off in the wrong place and then took a long walk in the wrong direction in an attempt to get back to the marina. Luckily, they found a nice man on the side of the road who was selling water and pointed them in the right direction. Kylie and I got on a bus that said they knew where to take us but didn’t know, so they kept trying to drop us off in random places. Then the bus turned off what seemed to be a random road and, this time, dropped us off at the right stop meaning we made it back to the dock safely and in time for pick up.

Later that night, it was time for Trivia night! However, we were late, so we missed the window to enter in as a team, so we just had to watch. This was incredibly disappointing because it was Harry Potter themed and we knew the answers to ALL of the questions. Instead, we all sat around and had a couple of chill drinks and just chatted. By about 10:30 pm, we were all so tired we were ready to head back to the boat and get into bed.