Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today was a day of adventuring and exploring. We started by hiking in the interior of Grenada. To reach the trail, we took a winding bus ride through the forest, climbing over various hills and mountains, taking about 25 minutes. This gave us the opportunity to witness another side of this wonderful country we didn’t get to experience yesterday in St George’s. Once there, we hiked up Mount Qua Qua, which is 713m tall. The peak provided what we could only imagine as spectacular views as for when we reached the top. We were essentially in the clouds, so we proceeded to enjoy the views of grey by having lunch up there. Next, we hiked down to the 7 Sisters Waterfalls, providing an opportunity for those who desired to jump all seven waterfalls, including the 30ft+ jump. Finally, we came back to the ship and enjoyed a great dinner.