Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today was another beautiful day in paradise! We all woke up to Dan and Miranda’s scrapple, which, despite the name and looks, was quite delicious. After a hearty breakfast, we moved into classes. Margaret and Kylie were VERY excited to learn about cnidarians in marine biology with Steve, and I must say that it truly lived up to the hype. One great class was followed by another when we discussed whether people in certain scenarios were considered leaders in Tina’s class.

Classes ended, and we were ahead of schedule for our anchor raise and motor over to a tiny island off of Grenada. The plan to go diving, however, did not pan out as the visibility was extremely low, and we ate a wonderful mushroom carbonara before heading back to the anchorage for dinghy school with Alex. Kyle and Jules were hoping to go to a fishing store and pick up rods, but after a 45-minute long cab ride, they missed store hours and came back empty-handed and ready to drive the dinghy.

All in all, it has been a pretty good day. The impending doom of our first quiz in oceanography did not stop us from making the best out of our sunshiny day here in Prickly Bay.