Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Our last Ocean Star morning, a day that for so long stayed at the back of our minds as we felt it would be an eternity away. Now, unfortunately, the day has come. We must all say our goodbyes and go onto our next journey. While this is such a bittersweet moment for us, we have all definitely changed, grew, and learned so much in the last 80 days and are now much more prepared for our next adventures! Teddy left at 6:30 this morning, so even by the time everyone woke up, the boat felt very different. Throughout the rest of the morning, we will all take our turns to leave the boat and set our own courses home, forever reminiscing the amazing past 80 days.
Thank you for everything Ocean Star!

Here are some photos from today, but also from the whole trip. What a wicked experience it’s been!!

Photo Captions:
-Our wonderful home for the last 80 days
-Diven!!! Our favorite thing
-English Harbour – home for the staff for the next two months of interim
-Packed (?) bags
-The newly appointed Mid-Ocean Ridge (previously, The Mountain) in her element
-Croissants for breakfast!!
-Nothing but adorable-ness
-Green things!
-Where some of the shipmates are headed now
-They were supposed to be packed and have the saloon totally clean at this point… We did spend two whole days cleaning. But oh well?
-On deck