Location: Norman Island, BVI

Today was a relaxed Sunday, wakeups rolled around 8 am, and with a well-rested crew, we prepped our boat for one magnificent last passage. With four of our sails out our Mainsail, Foresail, Staysail, and Jib, we sailed through the ocean with nothing more than the wind in our sails. It was as close as you can get to being in a time machine sailing as past generations have done before us. We sailed to Norman Island, where we hit a series of caves and coves through snorkeling. The sights were amazing, lots of life near and around the caves. From turtles to barracudas, the area was teeming with life. The caves acted as a protector from very large predators, so lots of juvenile fish populated the caves. Each cave and cove offered something different. One cove would be teaming with vibrant corals while the next cove would have massive schools of fish. It was a good way to end our underwater adventures. There was no time to rest after this fun snorkeling adventure because our rescue divers had to do their last scenario. Just mere minutes after exiting the dinghies, we spotted the unconscious diver played by Captain Eric, alone and knew there must also be one missing diver played by First Mate Cooper, that would have been their buddy. Immediately the crew sprang into action.

Snorkelers diving into the water to get to the unconscious diver, and find our missing diver, getting to the unconscious diver in minutes. At the same time, the rest of the snorkelers searched for the missing diver. One rescue diver handled the unconscious diver while the other prepared to enter the water with a scuba kit to save the lost diver. The whole crew worked like a well-oiled machine, and in the end, the scenario was a complete success. With both dive students becoming official rescue divers and getting the highest non-professional certification offered by PADI. After an intense half-hour of the scenarios, we packed our gear up and picked up anchor to motor on to bight to re-anchor for the night. When we arrived, we were greeted by the Deliverance, a small boat that offed cool drinks, and a refreshing snack. With snacks in our bellies, we enjoyed some R and R and taking the time to enjoy a nice ocean shower for one of the last times. Finally, we ate our last boat dinner before the end of the trip, finished off the day with closing program info, and enjoyed the stars on another amazing starry night that is unrivaled back home.