Location: Peter Island, BVI

Waking up this morning marked 37 days conquered on Ocean Star, with three left to go. The day started with yogurt and granola, followed by our final exam in Oceanography. After many late-night lectures, the crew could finally lay their books to rest and enjoy a day without studies on their mind; what a day it was! We got to experience our first solo dive, unaccompanied by a dive instructor. For many of the divers on board, this was a huge accomplishment to be given this amount of responsibility. After lunch, we strategically set up a boom swing and released our inner Tarzan. The day was spent laughing, eating good food, and just enjoying one anothers company. I suppose we all realized that there wouldnt be very many of these moments left, and time was of the essence.

The training rescue divers were thrown into the deep end when our scenario led us to save two of our instructors, daunting? Yes. Overwhelming? Definitely. Worth it? No doubt about it. Now we are all scattered along Ocean Star, writing cards to one another that will hopefully show our gratitude to our crew and newfound family. To all of the people I have been able to spend 37/40 days with, I have something to say to you. THANK YOU. Thank you for making this trip an incredible experience, thank you for all the laughs, and thank you for the determination you have all shown. I wish you luck in any endeavor you choose next, and I hope that life is good for you. Keep in touch, and keep chasing rainbows. To my mom and dad, I love you and thank you for allowing me to chase my dreams.