Location: Peter Island, BVI

If finals dont symbolize the end of something, I dont know what does. Today was the crews final in the seamanship course that has been taught by Captain Eric and me. The final is the International Yacht Training Navigation Master test. In groups of three (space is limited, charts are big), armed with Brenton plotters, dividers, and charts, students dove into a two-hour comprehensive test of their navigational abilities and chart work. With testing in progress in both the salon and chart house, Ocean Star was rather quiet. While the two-morning groups were taking their test, anyone who was available and interested went on a fun dive with Marina. A break was taken at 1200 for some delicious grilled cheeses made by Justin and Ting. After lunch, the people who went diving in the morning took their tests while anyone who had been occupied in the morning had the opportunity to go diving with Bobbie. With one final down and our seamanship course officially over, we all shared baked ziti, family-style, for dinner. Students then went into a fun and interactive game of Oceanography jeopardy for the final they are taking tomorrow morning. During our squeeze, I asked the crew if they could add one thing to Ocean Star what would it be. Answers ranged from washers and dryers to ice cream machines and even an on-deck pool. It is good to be back in the BVI, safely moored in Great Harbor Peter Island, and everyone is happy to have nearly completed the trip and rigorous coursework.