Location: Virgin Gorda, BVI

I thought it was lava. Dense. Bright. When the moon, twice as big as normal, rose up from the top of the volcanic island Saba, I was on the most smooth and serene overnight passage after all of the memories of seasickness. It was a gift, going back to the BVI, where everything started. To Ocean Star and some staff members, it was almost the journey back home. To me, BVI was not yet home to me, but it was the thirty-some-odd day in the life on the sea, on this boat, and that was just as comfortable as home to me. The day was called Hell day because of the fully packed schedule: preceded by the previous full-day hiking, overnight passage followed up by three islands visited, and a wreck dive after an onshore excursion. However, as I saw it, this was our Victory day. We had a wet entry into The Baths on Virgin Gorda, just like how we had always landed. We jumped off a tall rock into the water, just like how we had always explored. We then had a wreck dive on the RMS Rhone in the afternoon, swimming through the coral-covered debris. Against the sunset and two rainbows, we had dinner on the deck, just like how we had always done, on Ocean Star.