Location: West End, BVI

As soon as people got up bright and early for breakfast while underway to the dock at West End, the first thing that they started saying was how it was our last breakfast on Argo. Once we were attached to the dock, the crew talked about how we would never again move Argo to another destination. Then, when lunch rolled around, the reminiscence was even more palpable as we all realized that it was our last meal on the ship that has carried us across an ocean. All through the day, with each spray of hose water or stroke of rust bust, everyone has become increasingly aware of how all of this that we have taken for granted for the past three months is coming to end. After all, at the start of the program, ninety days seemed never-ending, an eternity, so we didn’t think twice about all that we had around us. Today, though, I know that were taking in as much as we can especially when it comes to the people aboard Argo. To never again wake up to these twenty-seven other people is one of the hardest parts about leaving, because they were the ones who truly made the trip what it was, not the itinerary. So, to all who had the privilege and luck to experience Fall Seamester 2010 aboard: you will be greatly missed, and I hope that you leave realizing that you were the reason these ninety days have been so incredible! Have an amazing time with whatever you do and wherever you go, and keep in touch!

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