Location: St Barth's

My day started at 6:30 AM, as I was awoken in my hammock by a slightly chilly rainstorm. After fulfilling my duties as skipper and making sure everyone was awake, Captain Ben served up some awesome eggs and hash browns to munch on for breakfast. We then had an OCB class, where we learned about the deep ocean and bioluminescence. I then led a scheduling meeting to pick the next week’s activities. After that, we had some free time before lunch, and I took the opportunity to take a very long and refreshing shower at the dock’s facilities (which made my day!). After that, I went to La Creperie, one of our favorite places, ashore, and got a crepe-like pizza along with some aromatic coffee. After relaxing at the restaurant, I headed back to the boat to go on a fun dive with three of my shipmates. The dive was awesome, and because we led It, we could choose where to we go without following a divemaster. During the dive, we encountered a ton of fish feeding around the reef. The feeding frenzy, along with the nice water clarity, gave me the overall feeling of diving in an aquarium. I saw a southern stingray, very well camouflaged in the sand (so well it took me a couple of seconds to realize what everyone else was staring at). In addition, we saw another ray gliding through the water on our way back to the boat. Once I was back on board, I put away my gear and then headed off the dock to take another well-deserved and very long shower. (Showers on the dock are a nice variation to our usual ocean showers, so I used the opportunity and took my time.) After that, I had some more free time to relax once again. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, listening to music, and kicking back in my hammock. Later, for dinner, we had Ben’s homemade burgers. After that, we all huddled up inside the salon for an SLD class with Tor. Now once again, I head to my hammock, hoping I won’t get wet, even if I do it won’t stop me from hammocking again. My new hammock from Antigua is way too comfy for that.