Location: St. Pete, FL

Today we woke up at seven and began our day. We had French Toast for breakfast made by Rocco, and then we went on to learn about what we would be doing during the trip for our Leadership course. After that, we learned about the safety equipment aboard the ship and practiced putting it all on. We then had a quick break and relaxed and chatted; then, we had med bowls for lunch, which tasted great. After we had lunch, we split up into three groups of four to learn about the different things we would have to check on a boat check. We learned about what we had to look for in the chartroom and the engine room. In the galley and the salon, we have to make sure that everything is 20 20 and won’t be prone to falling over. Lastly, we learned about what we had to look out for a while, walking back from bow watch, like putting away any stray lines. After learning about what we had to do for boat check, we start to do the deck walk, which was learning about how to get the dingy in the water and how to correctly use the lines on the pins. Dinner soon followed, and we had chicken tacos. We ended the day with cleanup and were left to relax the rest of the night.