Location: Grand Mal, Grenada

We woke up anchored up the coast, away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a quiet and picturesque anchorage. It was the perfect setting to let us all focus on learning and the practicing of our CPR and First Aid (also known as EFR) with Tor. As well as helping others in need, the EFR course is also a prerequisite to the PADI Rescue Diver certification that many of the students might soon choose to acquire. After lunch, we switched gears and got into some diving. Tor took Sam to a calm shallow spot to successfully complete her confined water skills for her Open Water diver course and her first training dive. Only three more to go, and she will be certified! The advanced divers and I discussed the concepts of underwater navigation and then went on a dive to prove our skills by successfully navigating the site. All the divers accomplished their goals, especially Jon, who managed to hold Boots’ hand the whole time underwater (to ensure the buddy system, I guess). Once our training dives were complete, we all got a chance to explore one of the Caribbean’s most popular dive sites, the Grenada Underwater Statue Park! It was a fun adventure navigating through the site, finding all the different statues that decorated the vibrant reef. Awesome dinner shout out goes to Jack and Molly for making pulled pork fajitas this evening. After dinner, EFR was “wrapped up” by some rescue scenarios and practicing bandaging/ splinting different types of injuries.