Location: Grenada

Skipper Grillmaster Openwater Diver Fish burger Connoisseur Noah Brauckmann here. Today was awesome, as agreed on by every single person on the boat. We climbed into a cab and began our long journey up the hills and winding roads of Grenada towards Mt. Qua Qua. We began our perilous hike up the mud-filled trails of the mountain, and while the merciless muddy terrain devoured others, only the strong prevailed, which of course, was all of us! On our descent from the peak Boots and I decided to run all the way back down. Barefoot. To be honest, sliding down mud-filled ruts on your butt for 30 minutes is a lot of fun. After we finished our hike, we all enjoyed delicious PB and J’s and started making our way to the seven sisters’ waterfalls. We arrived at the start of our second hike and began walking down a trail, which was also pretty rooty and rocky, and a bit muddy; all were well worth the falls. Once we got to the base of the falls, we got led up to the top by our awesome “guide,” Super Butterfly. Yup, his name was Super Butterfly. Once we reached the top of the falls, he taught us how and where to jump. The falls were absolutely amazing and ranged in height from 10 feet all the way to 40 feet. All in all, we had a totally unreal day, and it was by far the best day we’ve had since departure from BVI.