Location: St. George, Grenada

We awoke to the delicious smell of French toast made by the one and only coach Ivy. After we all had multiple servings of breakfast, it was time to start class. However, we didn’t head down below for this one; we headed to the island marine warehouse for some hands-on learning. During MTE (Basic Seamanship) class, there were many local folks stopping to watch our brilliant class in aisle seven, the anchor section. Before leaving, I grabbed a few yachting catalogs, and we headed back to the boat. Today was mostly dictated by what we wanted to see in Grenada. A group of us decided to go across the island to visit an old rum distillery. It was a very ancient place with a timeless outcome. The distillery was built in 1785, and all the sugarcane was grown right there on their 500-acre farm. The tour of the rum distillery turned out to be much more than that; because we had to go across the island to reach it, we saw a large part of Grenada’s diverse landscape. On the way back to Ocean star, we decided to make a quick stop at the Grenada Chocolate factory where everyone indulged themselves with Grenada’s purest sweets. The other group had a relaxing day at the beautiful Gran Anse beach, where they sat back to read books and soaked up the sun. Certainly a must-see in Grenada, a white sandy beach with an incredible view. We have been docked in St. George, Grenada, for a couple of days now. It is amazing walking out the galley door every morning and seeing some of the nicest boats in the world. We are all definitely dreaming. We hit it big sometime soon. All of us have gotten used to dock life with freshwater shower on a daily basis. We will be leaving the dock tomorrow evening, and there is no doubt we have all been spoiled.