Location: St. George, Grenada

Ah, Finally, a chance to stretch our legs. We all enjoyed getting into Grenada early and took full advantage of it by exploring St. George and its historic-looking scenery. We didn’t all rush off too fast, however, as we started our morning by giving Ocean Star the very thorough cleaning that she deserves. We not only scrubbed and polished the decks and down below, but gave the topsides (everything out of the water on the hull of the boat) a good scrub as well. After a very informative marine biology lecture, and friendly plankton creating competition, we all struck out on land to explore the sights of St. George, Grenada. Some highlights include; hiking up to an old fort that gave a gorgeous overlook of the town, exploring the Wednesday afternoon spice market, and finding special nuts that create fire. Never fear. However, these nuts don’t spontaneously combust, but become extremely hot when rubbed against a rock. So hot, in fact, that one can create fire by touching a piece of paper against them. Later tonight will be a time to relax as the entire crew enjoys a night out. The day proved to be very hot without the fresh ocean breeze as we send greetings and wish everyone well who is back in the frigid north!