Location: Colon, Panama

Ahoy there! Today we woke up in Colon, Panama, and had our first marine biology exam after breakfast. After the exam, we had some free time to go for a swim and get some Wi-Fi. Then, we came back to the boat for a challenge course/scavenger hunt that the staff put a lot of time to make it awesome. We were divided into three teams, the blue barracudas, the green monkeys, and the red jaguars… inspired by the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The first 45 minutes, of course, were spent by all of us running around the marina directionless, like headless chickens. Thankfully, Tyler, an expert at maps, led us to the first stop, which was an abandoned battery mower. At each stop, we had to do a team-building exercise, including the human knot and balancing on a log while completing tasks. My team, the blue barracudas, got lost and went about 2 miles away from the intended stop; however, we did find an abandoned jailhouse that we explored. Everyone really enjoyed the course, but we were all thankful to jump in the marina pool to cool off.