Location: Chesapeake Bay, Underway

Not often do you find yourself coming out of a wilderness after 12 days, full of shared weirdness, desserts, night watch scary stories and the trials and tribulations of making bread in a damp galley. Alas, here we are powering through the green waters of the Chesapeake Bay, soon we’ll set down the anchor and rest for the night before making our way to our final destination, Annapolis. It’s an interesting feeling coming back from offshore where you have an endless horizon to land on both sides and many other vessels for company. One might at first think it’d provoke a clustered and claustrophobic feeling, but rather some of the first notions are of arriving back home, with a delightful scent of trees and soil standing in stark contrast to the salty normality of air at sea. As for now, there’s a building excitement at reaching the end of our passage and the new places with it. May it be that each new destination brings us all more joy than the last, g’night.