Location: Peter Island, BVI

The first event in today’s finals week smackdown is the oceanography final. Contestants will spend a breathless morning after far too little sleep in a brutal gauntlet of questions regarding sustainability, global warming, and much more. Only the bravest of the brave young gladiators will emerge unscathed. There will be a short intermission of a few hours for the contestants to catch their breaths, so make sure to take some time to enjoy the sights of Peter Island. Make it back in time to catch the beginning of an epic navigation triathlon covering the subjects of charting, tide manuals, and general sailing knowledge. The entire afternoon is set aside for this once-in-a-century event. Today’s games will separate the men from the muppets in one hectic day of academic assessment. Who will emerge from the field showered in the glory of victory, having conquered two finals in one day, and who shall be dealt bitter defeat?