Location: 14.09.10' N and 061.47.85' W

There is something poetic about going out to sea. Its hard to explain but every time we head out from land I get excited. It’s the sense of adventure, heading out into the unknown and the complete sense of peace away from land that excites me every time. Will we see dolphins or whales this passage, how many shooting stars will we see, will a squall come up on us or will we get to see the perfect sunrise? All options when out to sea along with so much more. The fact that going to sea is not for everyone also draws me to it. The idea of being out of site of land frightens some or the constant rolling of the ship disagrees with others. The exclusiveness makes the experience all the more special. One has to be strong both in body and mind to survive at sea and it’s not for the weak of spirit. I’m watching the new crew find this out for themselves. Will they let the hardship of life at sea beat them or will they pull themselves together and not let the sea push them around? Only time will tell. But I can already see the change happening in some. The pure enjoyment and excitement for night passage or using the wind to take us where we want to go. Without a doubt the sailing bug will catch a few and change them forever. The sea calls to some and I for one am always happy to answer that call.