Location: Underway to Malaga, Spain

After our long day of exploring Valencia yesterday everyone was a bit slower in the morning, but this didn’t keep us from getting everything ready on time for our passage to Gibraltar. Once all the boat preparation was done, from taking off sail covers to tightening the jigger, we set off immediately and found ourselves spending a particularly warm and pleasant day in the sun. With minimal rocking, our two classes Oceanography and Student Leadership were much easier than some have been in the past, during which letting go of your notebook for a second would send it flying across the table. In Leadership we even took a survey to find out which animal (of four) were most similar to with regards to our style of leading (I happen to be a Beaver, while most of the crew were Golden Retrievers), which definitely gave us all a few laughs. After classes many of us went on deck to shower, which consisted of salt water drawn up through a fire hose and attached to one of the shrouds so that we could stand under it and get blasted, only to be followed up by a rinse with the fresh water hose to try and prevent too much salt crustiness from building up. With only group watches happening after dinner, the evening should hopefully be uneventful, and were all eagerly anticipating our arrival in Gibraltar in a few days (and I just found out that well be crossing the Prime Meridian again in about two hours, which should be exciting for everyone who was asleep last time!).

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