Location: Underway to Malaga, Spain

Argo is looking even more beautiful, especially as we steam ahead into the sunset! Today we had clear and calm skies, taking advantage of our weather window we put some love back into Argo. She has sailed so many miles, so a little weathering is inevitable. We scraped, sanded, and varnished wood on hatches, benches, and cap rails. Busted rust and polished the booms. Even made a sweet new mat out of spare line. The effort does not go unnoticed, and the shipmates took pride in their work with a new shining feeling. In other news, we were treated to a great guest speaker in class today, Chantale, a marine biologist and former crew member of Argo. She spoke about her current Ph.D. research on coral reef health and effects of sedimentation on reef growth and diversity in the Caribbean. She will join us again once we arrive to the Caribbean, and we look forward to the opportunity to aid in her research by helping with coral reef assessment and sediment coring. Science rocks again!!! Otherwise, we will continue to sail through the night, and plan to arrive in Malaga, Spain tomorrow.