Location: Malaga, Spain

A large portion of today was an appreciated and unexpected day on shore. The morning consisted of people wrapping up their literature review papers for Oceanography, many cups of hot beverages, and some much enjoyed cereal. The past few passages, the pickings for cereal have consisted of the same two types; Corn Flakes and Rise Krispies. These cereals are good, but are not on the top of the most desired cereals. However, recently Casey went provisioning with Leah and brought back all kinds of delicious varieties, ranging from Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to Special K varieties, and the all time favorite of many crew members, Honey Nut Cheerios. After our delicious smorgasbord of cereal we had some free time, then lunch at noon as usual, followed by clean up. Once clean up was completed and our bunks were tidied, dinghy rides started to shore. Malaga proved to be a fun and exciting place. Shipmates explored a castle, cathedral, markets, and other interesting places. At one of the markets I personally enjoyed one of the best and quite far the largest apples of my life. Dingy rides back to Argo were at the usual five o’clock time for showers on deck. At six we enjoyed a delicious dinner, headed by head chef Zane. It consisted of peanut chicken and tofu, sauted veggies, and rice. The peanut sauce, made with peanut butter, was a hit. By the end of dinner none of it was left. Overall today was a wonderful day and tomorrow the crew of Argo will begin the journey to Gibraltar.

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