Location: Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Greetings, intrepid readers. I am once again here to inform you of the day’s happenings. The day began thankfully by everyone waking up, which straight off the bat made my day much easier. After wake-ups and a wonderful breakfast of mini bagels and various toppings, we dropped our mooring on the Pitons and set off down the coast towards Marigot Bay, a very nice marina with all the trimmings, a hotel, a shop, a minimart…..what more could one ask for. On route to the said marina was filled with some sail training, tacking back and forth along the coast, so the shipmates could get in some good practice of line handling and sail trim, etc.

Once we arrived at Marigot, we meandered over to our mooring, where we set up shop (Not a literal shop, of course, we have nothing to sell except some rags and empty waste containers) for the next couple of days. The shipmates were then subjected (sorry, I meant treated) to two wonderful classes, the first Marine Biology, which I, of course, teach. I believe Charles Darwin once said that “if all the greatest minds of marine biology were combined, the result would be Steven Greaves,” very kind words indeed from such an esteemed well-known biologist. The lecture was filled with information on Marine Mammals, all the good ones. A whale picture, a dolphin, and even a GIF of a seal rolling down some rocks. The second lecture was Oceanography, which was taught by Alex, a true titan in his own means. Julius Caesar himself stated, “If I were to have someone recreate my hairstyle in the year 2019, it would be Alex Haysey” fine words indeed from such a keystone figure in history. His lecture was filled with something to do with waves or tides. Honestly, I don’t really know.

After the two lectures, the shipmates had a brief rest-bite until dinner, followed by the always eagerly anticipated night out, allowing the shipmates to let their hair down a bit, except those with short hair like myself (If anyone knows a remedy for receding hair, please let me know).

And that’s the day, my readers, I do hope you enjoyed reading the run down as much as I did writing them it, and of course, I will leave you with some thoughts to contemplate. Is a sneeze just your brain farting? If a tomato is considered a fruit, does that make ketchup jam? Why did we invent the box if we’re constantly trying to think outside of it? Since most people are buried in suits, would that make a zombie apocalypse a formal event?

The context for some photos

Photo 1 – Margaret and Kylie playing hide and seek badly
Photo 2 – Breakfast
Photo 3 – Shipmates trying to pull the ship over for some reason
Photo 4 – An intellectual debate over why Odontocetes are better than Mysticetes
Photo 5 – Margaret trying to understand why Carolyn’s hand is missing and for how long
Photo 6 – Alex proving he is, in fact blessed as the sun shines on him and him alone