Location: St. Lucia

The crew aboard are vessel woke up disgruntled this morning. Many of them had done what they’ve always done in college– save all of the work they need to do until the very last day. We ate our cereal and packed our lunch. We needed to pack lunch because there would be no time to order food while touring the bounteous island of Saint Lucia.
Upon our semi-wet landing on the beach, we headed to our taxi with a sense of adventure. The taxi was to bring us to special locales and the first of which was a caldera. The caldera was as beautiful as it was odorous, and our insightful tour guide gave us a plethora of information regarding tectonic plates and the Caribbean Islands’ formation.
Our second stop was a botanical garden. Simply put, the garden was incredible. I never knew of the existence of the vast majority of the plants residing in the garden. They looked like something from the movie “Avatar.” I’ve never been so surprised by a garden and the sheer diversity and beauty of its contents. After taking in all of the garden’s natural splendor, I got to the most important part– buying 3 Snickers Bars from the gift shop.
Our third stop was the hot springs. There were pools of hot water amidst a waterfall. It was certainly worth the series of misshaped stairs with weird sizing that made you question if you were going to fall. My fellow crew of Ocean Star spent a good hour and a half playing in the water and soaking up the Sun. I, however, had more important business to attend to– finishing Alex’s paper that was due after dinner.
Dinner was served 15 minutes after the last student finished their paper. (It may or may not have been me). The meal was goat curry and scalloped potatoes. It was a delicious meal, and I commend Matt and Tina for doing an outstanding job in the kitchen. It was a perfect way to close our Saint Patrick’s Day aboard Ocean Star.