Location: Soufriere Bay, St Lucia

Hello there! It is that time again to fill you in on what Day 39 had in store for the crew of Ocean Star. For starters, we had the usual wake up and was greeted with both French and regular toast for breakfast. After chomping away, we had a quick chat with Peter, the chief ranger of the SMMA, who then played us a video on how the SMMA was formed and what it has done to protect the marine life around St. Lucia. Right after the video, we all threw on our dive gear and got ready for the dive of the day, at a site wonderfully named, Superman. On this dive, we saw an abundance of marine life, from massive schools of fish to EXTRA thick crabs. After the dive, we were able to watch the dissection of lionfish that our guides had caught. After watching our dinner get cut up, we were treated to a filling lunch of pasta and broccoli. Later in the evening, we enjoyed a split-pea curry with rice (and lionfish) and had our daily round of squeeze. But the day wasn’t over yet. We had the dreaded Marine Biology Midterm.