Location: Soufriere Bay, St Lucia

Today was quite possibly one of the most fun days in terms of team building that we’ve had thus far. We woke up to a morning full of BA (boat appreciation), during which the deck team had to put our minds together and figure out how to put up tarps. After nearly 4 hours of cleaning, creating shade, and polishing every bit of metal we could find on deck, we were presented with a wonderful lunch of chickpea pasta salad created by Dan and Miranda. When lunch was over, we all got in our sailor mindsets and spent 11 minutes taking our VHF exams and 20 minutes preparing for deckhand Olympics. Both watch teams were fired up and ready for an afternoon of competitive knot tying, saltwater hauling, line coiling, ladder tying, line finding, and putting on our foulie jackets under our PFDs. I’m very proud to say that watch team 2 won both the competition (9-5) and the spirit award! Tonight, we are headed on our first-night snorkel here in St. Lucia, and I’m hoping to see some colorful fish and corals and NO barracudas. Oscar Uniform tango.