Location: Soufriere Bay, St Lucia

This morning was another early start as we woke up at 6, did final preparations for our passage, and got underway. Fortunately most of our passage prep was completed last night so only the finishing touches were required before we dropped our mooring and headed up to St Lucia, Along the way we had some time to practice tacking multiple times, just so we are in the best possible shape for Classics Week in Antigua at the end of the trip.

The boys once again turned their hand to fishing but unfortunately couldn’t supply the boat with fresh fish for dinner. The fish were teasing us today, as we did have a solid bite on the fishing line, but he got away. In between watch shifts, some of got some studying in since midterms are currently underway. By the time Ocean Star arrived in St. Lucia the sun was setting as the group looked on at the rock formations before us. Truly beautiful.

The day was topped off with a wonderfully crafted meal by Skye and Kylie. We are all excited to explore St Lucia over the coming days