Location: Young Island Cut, St. Vincent

Hello fellow and hopefully frequent readers!

Today was another exciting day on board Ocean Star. Rather than our normal 7 am wake up, the staff threw us a bit of a curveball and set a 6 am wake up. Luckily, Margret and Kyle were in the galley making pancakes to give everyone a great start to our early day. After our therapeutic pancakes, we kicked into high gear to get clean up finished, and everyone ready for our 8 am taxi pick up. In the taxi, we were greeted by some soca music (local music) which made Kylie, and I break out into dance and giving everyone else a good laugh. Then we embarked on a taxi ride around the island to the beginning of our hike.

At the trailhead, I gathered everyone for a picture before we set out for our 5 miles (round trip) vertical assent to the volcanic crater atop. To give you a real idea how the hike went, remember back to when your kids were young, and you would lovingly force them to run around all day to tire them out. You did this so that once they got home, they were so tired they would go straight to bed, and you would finally have some much-needed peace. Well, when SeaMester takes us on these hikes, I strongly suspect they do it for a similar reason. About halfway up the hike most of our shirts had turned wet from sweat and our muscles burned. It was at this point that Margret, Kylie, Kyle, and I started doing what we called view appreciations. View appreciations were pretty much our excuse to stop and take a break without admitting we were in desperate need of a break. In fact, on several view appreciations, we were below the canopy, so our view was only of the trees that surrounded us. After a nice lunch overlooking the crater, it was time to come down. Thankfully this was the easier part of the hike.

The rest of the day was pretty normal after that showers and studying in anticipation of our upcoming midterms.