Location: Young Island Cut, St. Vincent

Today the crew arose at 7 am as normal to a delicious breakfast of french toast (with a variety of equally delicious toppings) from head chef Tessa. We then went through passage prep for a quick sail over to Saint Vincent. The passage was normally transpiring; we up-anchored (yours truly flaked the chain), exited the harbor, put up the sails. Everything was hunky dory.
Alas, things are always in flux on Ocean Star. A short while into the brief passage, we were informed that we would be attempting a manoverboard drill, which led to the esteemed man-overboard-pole being dragged out of its bed and flung over the side. Shouts of, “MAN OVERBOARD,” were heard and the crew quickly moved to pre-determined positions in order to rescue our floating friend. After a few tries (we did the whole exercise solely on sail power- making it much more challenging) we managed to rescue our long lost pole and safely return it to its natural resting place at the stern of Ocean Star.

Following our Man Overboard drill, we sailed through some squalls to our current location Young Island Cut, St. Vincent. We grabbed a mooring (which is rare here on anchor city, Ocean Star), followed by class, and finally ending with some chicken burritos for dinner. Sometime before dinner, I learned that our esteemed chef Tessa was also preparing her renowned Texas Fudge Cake, which is even better than it sounds.

I am looking forward to this tasty treat after finishing this blog post and another class we have scheduled right after dinner.

If you would excuse me, I have to go stuff my face with a boat-load of delicious food and knowledge, not necessarily in that order.