Location: Underway Gibraltar to Tarragona

A long time ago, on a planet far, far away, known as the good ship Argo, a thing happened. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you the story of how we definitely took on the Cuban Navy.

Today’s wake-ups went stellar as the crew got ready for the Guardians of the Galaxy theme song. The efficiency by which we managed to pull off passage prep is admirable and really helps to highlight how cohesively the Argo crew works together. Even the dock workers were impressed by our efficiency when re-docking.

We had the opportunity to re-fuel and re-stock on passage snacks attached to the refueling station (I got a reasonable amount), then headed out to take on the Mediterranean with our new watch teams. None of the teams missed a beat, and prank wars immediately resumed.

When handing over the watch to team 2, we may have encountered “40 knots of wind” and “40 degrees of tilt” (this totally definitely actually happened. No further questions, please). During watch, team 1’s leader Gabe (what a stud) also re-capped a prank war story from last year’s action quest that may or may not have involved fish in places fish may or may not go. Watch out, team 2.

But before then, the most interesting part of the story happened. Gabe went down below, probably to make ramen or something, idk. He was gone for maybe a few minutes, and when he came in, we suddenly found ourselves in the bright spotlight of a ship aimed directly at us, coming at a speed we estimated about 25 knots (fast). We deliberated on what they may want or who they were. I was confident they were Cubans looking for illegal migrants (this is a reference to a movie we watched roughly a week ago).

The light increased, and we rushed to have our Skipper, Cal, assess the situation. He informed us that what we were seeing was a Spanish coast guard ship (Cuban Navy). We signaled to establish a radio connection. They aimed their lights at our sails, then cut their lights and sunk back into the night.

So basically, we’re pirates.