Location: Underway to see more wildlife

Today started off pretty sweet with wave-surfing whales, dolphins, and sharks. Being back in the current, the sea state welcomed us with some rocking and rolling.
During our last oceanography class 🙁 we listened to 3 interesting presentations from Sam P., Emma, and Kira. This was followed by Alex’s lecture about climate change. Despite this being a very interesting topic, half of us paid the most attention to “the beer slide,” talking about the most important consequence of climate change: less beer! Mimi surprised us with a previously announced surprise quiz nobody remembered. This last Fish-ID quiz about African safari animals caught us all by surprise, but we could eventually remember the animals we saw three days ago.
Thanks to the rocky, rolly sea, we enjoyed some down below showers. Watch team three had some wonderful lion king moments during an even better sunset. Thank you, Disney, for these amazing tunes!!
Being very close to a South African Hamburg very far away from home, I wish you all a pleasant night in a stationary bed.

– Luna

Coordinates: 03301.12’S 02812.98’E