Location: 4'13,963N 73'28704E

The morning started off as most have for the past two weeks, with everyone groggy and in great anticipation of what the day might hold. The chefs, Valentina and Angela, killed it in the kitchen, not even flinching at the prospect of having to feed a ship full of hungry people. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner–outstanding. After breakfast, the crew was ready for the rest of the day. We had our oceanography and seamanship classes on deck and got to do hands-on work with microscopes, plankton, sails, lines, and more.

Racking my brain for the big points of the day, I’ve realized that it’s really the little moments that will stay with a lot of us after the trip. Just today, Myra epically beat Zack in chess, Mo learned more about the engine room watching Tom and Marc make a job of it, Angie opened up about how much her little brother means to her, Sam reread The Name of the Wind for the millionth time sitting on the boom (shoutout to him for getting me into the story and always hyping me up for the next chapter), Noah shared a song he wrote and a million more. I’ve never appreciated and respected a group of people as much as I do this one. Even through the challenges of each day–waking up early in the morning, trying new and strange foods, taking on such a tremendous task as learning how to sail–I’m amazed at how the team works together and laughs and jokes, and makes the best out of it every step of the way.

The crew said goodbye to a beloved member of the staff, Jon, today, who made sure to give hugs all around as he saw everyone for the last time. The crew appreciated all of his hard work on the boat and how much he genuinely brought smiles to our faces.

During squeeze at the end of the day, the group went around shared one thing that completely changed the course of their lives. I was surprised by how many people shared their meaningful stories. Trey talked about recovery from an injury that took him completely by surprise, Max opened our eyes with a story of some of his volunteer work, and Carly shared how thankful she is for her mom, just to name a few.

In all, I think the crew came together nicely to make another successful and memorable day aboard Vela.


1. Robbie, Myra, and Finley

2. Sam

3. Mo

4. Dylan, Noah, and Angie