Location: Passage to Male Attol, Maldives

After a breakfast of banana cornflakes and granola, we had a marine biology class and some study time afterward. Today was a pretty heavy day from the start, and we could feel that some big news was on its way. Because of that, a lot of us took naps (Myra took 3).

At noon we all arose for a lunch of homemade bread and soup at noon. After lunch, we did BA (Boat Appreciation)! We all dreaded the idea of cleaning every nook and cranny in and around the boat, but it ended up being a really different and interesting way of connecting with each other and working together as one team with one goal. We listened to classics, all sang along, and washed away not only the dirt but our worries too. It took us three hours and 45 minutes to get vela looking shiny again, and after we were finally able to jump into the ocean and cool off for our showers.

Because tonight was Johns last night aboard, Lucia and Zach had a bright idea to start a toga party, so Robbie and Myra robed all of us, and we surprised our staff with the strangest, funniest, gift ever: seeing us in togas. After dinner, the weight of the day really started to shine through all the fun and laughs, for we all spoke about what we appreciated about John and his time here, and also learned that our Captain, Marc, was leaving this adventure due to a feeling of another adventure calling his name. The fact that two people that we have come to trust and care for are leaving is hard, but they showed us that when life calls your name, you go where it calls, and that is a lesson that is very valuable in life. A lot of things change on this boat, over and over again, and there is little certainty for what the next day will bring. In a sense, it is frustrating and hard, but in another, it is beautiful and eye-opening. Some tears were shed today, but we also laughed, bonded, and felt each other connect on a much deeper level than we have before. Not to mention, Amy made a peach and apple crumble that made us smile, despite the bad news, and reminded us that though people leave, and things do not always go as planned, we can appreciate the people and things we do have when we do have them.


1. Toga Dinner party attire and the guest of honor Jon

2. Zac, Max, Sam, Noah, Robbie, Trey, Dylan, Henry, Seth, Ian, and Finley

3. Lucia, Zac, Seth, and Finley

5. Carly and the BA crew