Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

It is day 49 of our wonderful voyage! I got the best job ever of being skipper, so I got the privilege of waking everyone up! We started the morning off with my failed attempt at a prank to get everyone out of bed. Once I was able to get everyone up and on deck, we all enjoyed a classic breakfast of yogurt and granola. I knew today was going to be an awesome day when I suggested that skipper get aux and ended up playing Christmas music (per Freddy’s request) for the whole crew to listen to during cleanup. After cleanup, we jumped straight into passage prep and got ready to make our way to Les Saints! You can never go wrong with a great passage day. We spent roughly 4 hours sailing to our next island. We spent most of the passage doing the typical music jams and playing the game of “who can get the waves to touch their feet” (while being clipped in, of course). Today was one of the chiller sail days, so lunch only consisted of minimal spills. It is so great seeing the progress our O-star crew is making. We are starting to raise and lower our sails on our own! After we wrapped up lunch, we were greeted by beautiful rocks and islands that made up Les Saintes.

Once we anchored and put the boat to bed, we all sat on deck for a leadership class with Drew. After Drew’s class was over, we had an EFR class with Meg. That consisted of practicing CPR on our dummies, learning to change dirty gloves, and wrapping wounds/ using splints. It was hilarious listening to everyone talk to their dummies and make up some fake scenarios. We ended class and then had our typical boat shower/ jam sesh (with me still on aux, of course). Lastly, we ended our day with dinner and dessert from Thomas. I had a great squeeze of “telephone” and passed along the message, ” Allie J. is the best skipper in the entire world”!
Shout out to Roadie, Peanut, and all the O-star pets back home!