Location: Underway to SVG

Was sick!

The day got off to a stellar start when a flying fish soared into the chart house through a hatch and came to lay at the foot of the engine room door. The weather was beautiful, with a following swell gently rolling Argo from stern to bow. My shipmates and I took turns taking our navigation master exams. We did chart work using compasses and pencils and erasers n stuff, so that was wicked sick. When we weren’t on watch, we were enjoying our free time. Some people chose to relax on deck in the sun, while others watched movies. Many people were watching Pirates of the Caribbean to increase their scurvy factor before we make land at St. Vincent in roughly 5 days.

A couple of minke whales arrived at dinner to come sample some of Ethan’s coconut curry with naan bread, and they were uber cool. Minke whales have the most complex social structure of any whale; they are structured by sex, age, and reproductive condition!

During the squeeze, we heard everyone’s favorite word. There was some laudable linguistics going down, including but not limited to porridge, moist, iridescent, kerfuffle, fjord, and toot!

As I was writing about Minke whales, Captain Tim came out of the engine room with my bar of chocolate. I dropped it in the bilge a couple of days ago (the dry, clean, not disgusting part of the bilge), so that was a sweet surprise. Chocolate is a hot commodity onboard Argo, and people always bother Lolo for her chocolate. She gets really mad, though. Don’t ask Lolo for chocolate.


Lolo and her mini-me, Sarah, get mad when I ask for chocolate.
Claudia gets excited for Minke whales.
Emma is smiling because she is about to get a much-needed face wash.

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