Location: Underway to SVG

Today was a beautiful and sunny day with quartering seas and a nice wind around 15 to 20 knots. Argo hit a top speed of 11.3 knots while surfing down a wave this morning which is quite fast as we have traveled 151 miles since midnight with an average speed of around 8 knots. This afternoon we had our oceanography class where Jake and Michael presented their research paper presentations. In the lecture, we learned about marine pollution, especially plastic. After oceanography, we had leadership with Tim, where we talked about “being the change.” In the middle of class, Tim decided that we should do some star jumps, which helped wake everyone up. For dinner, we had some wonderful orange chicken cooked by Amanda, Lolo, and Smash. We were also treated to some blondies, which I loved that were cooked up by our bread maker Mella. We also just reached 5,500 miles on our total trip log, which I think is a pretty long way. We are loving our 2nd ocean crossing of the semester, and we are also looking forward to arriving in the Caribbean and getting started with diving.

A beautiful sunrise;
JP serenading us during the talent show yesterday;
Andrew, Anna, Marion, Jake, JP, Julie, Claudia, and Mo at midships.

Current position:
4455. 89’W

PS- Happy 60th birthday, Dr. Kitchens, aka Dad