Location: Underway to St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Today has been another great day underway for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Firstly, we are about 1000 miles from Rihanna’s house, which we celebrated by listening to some of her top hits, and secondly, we have already traveled 5284 miles this semester. This number is mind-boggling to me, and I often shout out the log reading randomly during our night watches. The bioluminescence the past few nights has been incredible and has resulted in a new position on watch known as a stern watch. People tend to place themselves on stern watch just so that they can stare at the glowing organisms that are disturbed by the prop wash. Our collective knowledge and identification of constellations have also been steadily improving. So far, the only ones I can seem to make out are the micro-dipper (seven sisters) and the big dipper, but I hear there are way more in the night sky. Another topic that has been coming up more and more on night watch is diving. The stoke is definitely building, and I can not wait to get in the water with everyone once we reach the Caribbean.
After lunch today, we switched up the daily routine of having two classes in the afternoon by having a talent show instead. Andrew and Wyatt demonstrated some incredible dance moves, Amanda serenaded us, JP performed a magic show and wrote us a song, Ethan slammed some poetry, Nolan hypnotized us, Liam and Andrew proved their ability to communicate. Telepathically, and Michael didn’t “want no scrubs.” I had no idea there were so many hidden talents on board, and I was so happy to witness it all. As the sun sinks lower and lower into the sky, I am still crossing my fingers and keeping our eyes peeled for more wildlife sightings.

1. The staff performing Bohemian Rhapsody via their chin heads
2. Liam and Andrew impressing the audience
3. JP and his “amp-man” Avery performing an original song that he wrote about the trip