Location: Underway to SVG

Today was another amazing day underway! My watch team had the 4-8 watch which was filled with high energy, great music, and stories, the always highly anticipated boatmeal™, and the most important was all the flying fish that were found. In addition to all that excitement, halfway through our watch during a boat check, we found out the exciting news that we hit 5000 total nautical miles! Before the end of our watch was over, Seve made sure to throw the fishing lines in the water with the high hopes of catching a fish. We ended our watch with another outstanding sunrise before passing the watch over to watch team 1. Around 10:15 there was a loud yell from up on deck, “FISH ON” yelled Brian with so much excitement in his voice. Everyone who was not already up deck and hanging out in the salon grabbed PDFs and ran up on deck as fast as we could. There was a Blue Marlin on the line!!!!!! It was able to free itself from the line before making it to the boat, which we were happy about because it was a BIG fish and it would have been quite a feat to bring onboard and remove the hook. Shortly after that I and the other students doing their PSCT sat down to take our second exam, the tide exam, which later in the day we found out that we all passed! Next, everyone gathered up on deck for lunch which consisted of some awesome tacos made by our chefs, Andrew, Marion, and Seve. Once lunch clean-up was done we all gathered in the salon for a Marine Biology Review session led by Amanda for our upcoming exam on Saturday. After we had the opportunity to work with Smash on our chart work for our nav master exam on Friday. Shortly after, we deck showered and got ready for dinner. Dinner was chicken broccoli pasta along with lemon poppy seed muffins! During the squeeze, we learned from JP who was the bread maker today that there was a time when we were super worried about the fate of the muffins due to some oven mishaps although after around 4 hrs in the oven they could not have turned out any more perfect. We are all so excited to see what else this passage will bring! Sending love back home ❤️

1 – Mella, Brian, and Sarah super stoked about the flying fish found on the boat during sunrise this morning
2 – Head chef Andrew and sous chefs Marion and Seve absolutely killing it in the galley getting dinner ready
3 – Brahm, Jake, Sophia, Sarah, Lolo, Michael, Anna, Ethan, Emma, Liam, Bella, and Wyatt chilling in the cockpit after deck showers

Current position:
16 35.2197′ N x 038 20.4183′ W