Location: Underway to SVG

Alrighty, then, here we go. We are coming to you live from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where our heroes continue their journey. With some sail handling and intense heat before lunch, everyone was stoked about the chimichangas that Brahm and his galley squad had prepared for us. This same energy was transferred into our classes, specifically our oceanography presentations from Ethan, Avery, and Lance. After a little downtime before dinner, we discovered that the number of people that were sunburnt had increased a bit since the beginning of the day, with some being more obvious than others. And with the galley crew killing it once again with some gumbo, The squeeze question of “What is your ideal first date?” was followed by some hilarious answers and a flawless wave to finish off the day. We are almost at our 5,000 nautical mile marker for the trip, and it’s fired everyone up for this second half of passage as we are also almost halfway done. It’s been an exciting first half of this second passage, and can’t wait to see what is coming our way.

A deck shower selfie featuring Seve, Andrew, Marion, Brian, Michael, Sarah, Anna, Jake, and Emma
The crew fired up about Brahm’s gumbo

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